Welcome to Douglas Fossils

Douglas Fossils is a 25 year old business specializing in collecting, preparing, and selling 30-35 million year old Oligocene and late Eocene fossils from the White River Formation of central Wyoming. Dr. Kent A. Sundell is the owner and sole proprietor of Douglas Fossils and has collected more than 5,000 skulls and skeletons of fossil mammals and reptiles from private lands in Converse County, Wyoming. Dr. Sundell has taught geology and paleontology at Casper College in Casper, Wyoming for 20 years. Common specimens, such as oreodonts, camels, horses, rabbits, rhinos, turtles, dogs and sabertooth cats are sold to private collectors, museums and teaching institutions around the world. Rare undescribed specimens, such as snakes, amphisbaenids, tiny rodents, insectivores, and marsupials are either donated or sold to museums and research institutions around the world for study, description, publication, curation, and final display.

Every specimen was collected on private land and has a unique specimen number, location and detailed stratigraphic data in Douglas Fossils permanent files. Said data is available to all purchasers and researchers. The Tate Museum at Casper College has many such donated specimens in their exhibits. Douglas Fossils collaborates with many educational institutions and researchers nationally and internationally to advance scientific knowledge in the fields of paleontology, paleoecology and paleoenvironments. Please look at the many past and present specimens on this website collected by Douglas Fossils and feel free to contact Dr. Sundell about acquiring any available specimens or contract preparation and mounting of skeletons for personal or public display. Discussions of research opportunities on rare specimens within the White River Formation are always encouraged.