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Contract Preparation

We can custom prepare your fossils with hand tools, air scribes, air abrasion, and binocular microscopes. We can also cast and mold badlands fossils if specifically requested. Preparation, casting and molding fees vary from $10-20/hour depending on the skill needed for the task.

Collection Statement

All of the Oligocene vertebrate fossils on this list are from the White River Formation (30-36 million years old) and have been collected from deeded lands in Converse County, Wyoming. Written collecting permits from the private landowner are available for inspection. All specimens with Douglas Fossils collection numbers (e.g. DF0100) have precise stratigraphic and locality data recorded in Douglas Fossil's files. Copies of the stratigraphic and locality data can be obtained by request.

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Ordering Information

Please call, mail, fax, or email your order to Douglas Fossils at the above numbers. If an item is out of stock, placing your order will insure that your name will be on a first order/first offer waiting list and you will be contacted as soon as a similar quality specimen is collected. Common items can usually be restocked in 2 weeks, moderate items in 1-6 months, and rare items may take more than a year, depending on the luck of the collection. Down payment on out of stock items is not necessary.

New accounts must pay in advance by check or money order. Please email me and check on inventory status prior to sending payment or if you send payment, and I am out of stock, I will return that portion of your payment on out of stock items within 15 days. For repeat accounts, the specimen(s) will be shipped to you after ordering and full payment or return of specimens, in the condition they were sold in, is expected within two weeks of your receiving delivery. Preparation delays may occur when ordering prepared material if all stock is unprepared at the time of your order. You will then be billed for the cost of shipping the specimens.

Most unprepared specimens will be shipped by air either UPS or FEDEX to reduce breakage so please be sure to give us your complete name, street address and phone number. Photos of prepared specimens are available upon request or at our website



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